Dear Minister:

I am writing to you to with hopes for your consideration into the pay of early childhood educators in our province. Like most parents in Nova Scotia, my husband and I both have to work to support our family. My two older children are now in school but attended daycare before they started school and still go to a daycare-run after school program. My younger two currently go to daycare.

I contribute a valuable component to our family, and our lives are much better because I work. This wouldn’t be possible without daycare. In my job, I help families with children with special needs. My job is important. Without daycares I wouldn’t be able to do it.

The individuals we leave our children with daily have a huge impact on their lives. They shape their little minds and their little souls. They make them happy, teach them so many things and are their shoulder to cry on. Not only are they changing their lives today, but they’re impacting an entire generation for our province.

It’s terribly disappointing to realize these crucial human beings are making such little money. Teachers in pre-primary programs across the province are making double what other ECEs in daycare are making. This is unacceptable – they’re all worth the same amount and should be paid equally. I hope you realize the importance of this and can make changes to help ECEs in our province.
Nicole Overmars
Parent supporting economic security for early childhood educators